Friday, 4 August 2017


A bit late in posting this but we had a great trip to Sandown this year, going by mini bus from Baldock, which is a new service offered to locals. Driven by husband, who enjoyed himself at Kingston u Thames, and bought me some fat quarters at a local shop while he was about it!
The nine quilts looked great hanging up, still except andy's which turned out to be a problem with the sleeve. I asked a lady to take a photo of me standing by my quilt but sadly as I was passing my camera over to her I dropped the camera and broke it! Still managed to get the other quilts pictures off the camera when I got home. So I have a full set, and eight more now being made in my next class. I really find it interesting how the girls think about the imagery and come up with fabulous blocks.
I am very grateful to Grosvenor who let us have the space at Sandown, a great exhibition. FoQ this month!

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