Monday, 12 January 2015

Linus quilts etc

Have just come home from our Icknield quilters meeting where we donated about 30 quilts to the Linus Quilt project. The lady from Linus was thrilled.
Quite serendipitously I came across just now the Quilts for Kids site which is American and on their site there is a subgroup called Moody quilts for Kids. I have contacted them as my new name (Moody) might intrigue them and I am sure I can donate a couple of kids quilts to them

Saturday, 3 January 2015

London quilters exhibition

Have just returned from London where I saw this exhibition on its penultimate day. Still open tomorrow at the Swiss cottage library in North London.

Nice room for display both inside the room and in the corridor outside and a particularly poignant display of World War I memories quilts. I have to get permission for publishing any of the photos that I took. Marlene Cohen 's quilts as usual  were particularly interesting.
Happy new year to all