Tuesday, 15 July 2014

talking about applique

One of our local groups became my guineapigs last week when I gave them a talk on the history of applique. Lots of pictures of traditional old quilts, then newer ones, and some on how to design your own pictures. Then some show and tell quilts at the end. They seemed to enjoy it - not too many closed eyes, although it was only the afternoon!

I gave it again two days later in Luton - having arrived in the town, I then took another 45 minutes to find the place. I must buy a sat nav. It's easy to go from A to B using any old map, but getting from B to a particular C such as a friend's house or a bowling club (!) is not map friendly. One of the quilts I showed was my buttonhole-type applique. And fortunately another two had come back from the Ailsa Craig exhibition in Canada (lovely to have been included in this show - I am looking forward to seeing some pictures in the magazines).  This is one from there:

Sandown exhibition

A crowd of us went to the Sandown exhibition in June. It is always a nice venue - you can eat your lunch sitting on the stands overlooking the race course! My girls in the Thursday group were disappointed that our Art Nouveau quilt didn't get a prize or rosette. It looked stunning hanging and at least we know ourselves that it looked better than some of the winners! Sorry, just greeneye there, but a bit of publicity might have helped with the raffle!

Here's a picture of me by the quilt and the one on the right is the overall champion quilt - an obviously non-traditional quilt, but lovely nevertheless: