Sunday, 23 October 2016

USA trip

Back from a great trip to western USA, where we visited Yellowstone, Teton mountains, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Carmel. And at least six quilting shops, all really lovely, selling different fabrics to each other. I'm afraid I bought rather a lot of fabric which I don't need but will make two or three more quilts.
I have also been to Belsey Bridge in Suffolk for four days quilting, no time for jet lag. I have finally finished the log cabin part of  a new quilt for our six foot bed. Two borders on and it now awaits the final applique border. This was all in the fabrics that I bought in the USA two years ago!
Last Saturday I taught some ladies how to make a really nice Xmas tree. I found the original basic tree on the internet, but I have gone further with it, surface decorating it to madness!