Thursday, 25 August 2016

Welsh quilts at Lampeter

Today visited the Welsh Quilt exhibition at Lampeter in mid Wales. It is on till November so try and get to it if possible, it is really fabulous. Collected quilts by Jen Jones mostly in wool. So intricately hand quilted and beautiful. Also in the exhibition is a room full of Sandie Lush quilts, inspired by Welsh hand quilting.  Beautiful  quilts to emulate. Must get my stitches smaller!


Been to the FoQ for a couple of days but as I was on the Trad Group Stands for a few hours I spent most of my free time looking at quilts rather than the stalls! Didn't buy one piece of fabric! Most quilts were good this year, but I preferred Viewers' Choice whole cloth quilt by Sandie Lush which was hand quilted by one of the best hand quilters in the country, to the Best in Show which was also a whole cloth quilt but machine quilted to death and no way could be used as a bed quilt because such quilts are like cardboard and not snuggly at all. I am so sad that hand quilting seems to be a dying art. Intricate machine quilting seems to be the in thing.