Saturday, 20 June 2015

Sandown exhibition

I like Sandown. Not too huge, nice areas on the bleachers for lunch, and great selection of quilter galleries. Especially impressed by Jacqueline Martin. Beautiful appliqué and hand quilting.mher art nouveau and Jacobean designs were particularly worth close inspection. The overall champion quilt, which also won a couple of prizes, was a postage stamp quilt of Michelangelo's David's head. Fabulous particularly from a distance.
  It is a much easier exhibition to get around than the NEC where the stalls are so close together that encountering a shopping trolley or wheelchair is positively hazardous. This year might be my last visit there as I shall be doing my stint on the Quilters Guild tote bag tombola stand.
 This was the best in show at Sandown. I'm annoyed I haven't got the maker on my camera shots. No doubt it will be every magazine soon.

This was by Penny Armitage and an absolute delight.

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